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The Ugly Truth About Refurbishing 50-Year-Old Car Parts

Many of you keep asking why you are not seeing updates on the Aruba Eliminator, Ghost Cat, and other well known builds that are in process 🤷🏻‍♂️. The reason is because you would simply stop wanting to follow us if all we showed you were anodized nuts and bolts 🔩 and 1,000 photos of rusted […]

KTL Restorations Inc makes Hemmings Muscle Machines with the Lethal Cat ” 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator”

On newsstands January 29th, 2019, you can find KTL Restorations Inc and the Lethal Cat as the featured restoration story in Hemmings Muscle Machines. Every year, on June 10, a reminder pops up on Chuck Donaldson’s Outlook calendar: “Check your fire extinguishers.” It was on that day, in 2014, that Chuck aimed a fire extinguisher at […]

Lethal Cat Reveal Final

Lethal Cat Reveal Final SEMA 2018 – Lethal Cat is Let Out of Its Cage Roaring out of its cage, KTL Restorations Inc, who makes their den in Danville, Virginia, unleashes the Lethal Cat. Kurt Lawrance, known as “The Cougar Specialist” is honored to be able to unveil this mystical cat just in time for […]

KTL-Restorations Heading to SEMA 2018

The KTL Restorations Team has been keeping a secret, and we are excited to be able to finally let the cat out of the bag…BASF has selected our current Glasurit by BASF “Lethal Cat” refinishing project to be featured on the show floor, at the 2018 SEMA Event at the Las Vegas Convention Center! Kurt […]

The Ghost Cat Revealed

An Eliminator Story: A Ghostly Cougar Stalks Aruba ” The Ghost Cat Revealed ” Back in 2009, Jay Daryanani made a post on one of the Classic Cougar forums. He included pictures and a description of the now-well-known Competition Orange “Aruba Eliminator”. While the Orange Aruba Eliminator has become somewhat internet-famous over the years on a […]

Making Your Classic Ride Safer

KTL is not just about the fancy and rare. We are also about the joy rides and the family fun-day Sunday…but safety first! These two beauties came to visit KTL, so that the drivers that own them, can be more at ease when they take their families out for weekend strolls. After 50 years (or […]

Aruba Cougar – Heads for KTL Restorations

Aruba Cougar – Heads for KTL Restorations A long-lost cat will soon return to the USA as the “Aruba Eliminator” also known as the “Aruba Cougar” heads for KTL Restorations! Have you heard that not so tall tale (tail!) about a 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator left to battle the tropical weather on Aruba Island in […]

The Lethal Cat Story

The Lethal Cat The Lethal Cat was in the Cliff Ernst (Tennessee) car collection. Ernst was primarily a Yenko Camaro guy, but he had a few other interesting cars, including the Eliminator. It was purchased from Ernst by Trucks and Stuff (Frank Bowers, Wister Oklahoma). I purchased it from Frank Bowers, May 6, 2000. When […]

1967 Polar White Standard Mercury Cougar

Marti Report 1 of 1, 1967 Polar White, Standard, Mercury Cougar to debut in Kissimmee Florida in January. One of the two cars, make that cats, to be on the MECUM auction blocks in January 2018 courtesy of KTL Restorations includes this 1967 big block, automatic C6 Select-Shift Merc-O-Matic, with the non-vinyl top. Of note, […]

1969 Mercury Cougar 428 Convertible

KTL Restorations present this opportunity to catch a not so standard 1969 Mercury Cougar 428 Convertible. Cats of this magnitude and pedigree are not often seen in the wild nor road. While 1969 Cougar Convertibles are already uncommon, it is truly lucky to find this 1 of 13 with the Q code 428-4V Cobra Jet […]