TUT - The "GREEN" Muscle Car!

TUT – The “GREEN” Muscle Car!

The "Electrified" Mercury Cougar!

Any time a restoration project is taken on, the first thing everyone usually notices is the exterior - from the paint, fit and finish, all the way to the wheels and tires. But what lies underneath that gleaming, miles deep paint job, is just as crucial to completing a successful restoration. The same goes with TUT, the 50th anniversary Edition 2023 Mercury Cougar (which you can read about HERE - add link).

Make no mistake, a great deal of attention is being paid to the exterior components of this vehicle, but for this build, the most significant change is the transformation from the traditional V-8 Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) that would normally befit this machine with an electric motor. To accomplish this, the team at KTL Restorations in Danville, VA collaborated with their partners at Electric GT and chassis engineers at Roadster Shop to bring that goal to fruition.

Powering an Electric Muscle Car

Once KTL Restorations received the build criteria from their client, they consulted with Roadster Shop and the system engineers at Electric GT to determine the best way to implement Electric GT's modular eGT-413 EV-conversion system into Tut. The resulting effort is the fulfillment of power, range, and visual requirements that were outlined by the Mr. Howard.

"Electric GT is excited to have partned with KTL Restorations to further the development and application of its innovative eGT-413 "V8" modular EV System!" stated Eric Hutchison, co-owner of Electric GT.

The eGT-413

The eGT-413 EV Conversion System was delivered with an 80 kWh OXD-E NCM batter pack divided into four battery-enclosed modules. The flexbility of this moduar battery pack design allows for frame rail space usage for low hidden weight placement. The front "Motor Block" module at the core of the 413 includes the motor, high-voltage junction box (HVJB), and other critical EV components that together offest the OEM front end weight balance perfectly. The rear placement of the final battery module allows for trunk usage, and most important from a performance standpoint, for even weight distribution. "Electric GT understand that when converting classic cars with EV systems, considering overall weight distribution and component placement is critical to keep it as close to OEM as possible for the same, if not better handlling characteristics," Eric commented.

The eGT-413 is a fully integrated EV system ready for fab-and-fit installation. It includes a VCU controller for performance, drivability, and safety; battery thermal management for optimum batter performance and life; Electric GT's proprietary high-voltage junction box; a complete wiring harness; and pre-harnesses testing that simplies installation and ensures proper operation the very first time.

The Performance

Electric GT's 413 permanent-magnet motor spins up to 8,000 RPM and provides 406 ft/lbs. of instant torque, delivering the sensation of 450 ICE HP. That torque is applied to a Tremec TKX 5-Speed manual transmission and allows for much higher speeds than a traditional EV, as well as the basic ease of signle speed/gear driving modes. The eGT-413 System intergrates with electric accessory components like the AC compressor, coolant heater, and HV hydraulic system, so that there are no compromises in creature comforts. Amazingly, it's able to do all of that while still maintaining a range of 2-2.25 miles per kWH, providing a range of 160-180 miles on a single charge.

The Chassis

Another challenge that was faced with this conversion is mounting the eGT-413 to the chassis. It should come as no suprise that the traditional engine mounts designed for the original power plant would not work. That's where the experts at Roadster Shop come in. Roadster Shop has used their accumen for design, engineering and innovation to become an industry mainstay when it comes to custom chassis fabrication, enabling them to provide an industry leading chassis product.

"We are trhilled to have been chosen by KTL Restorations for the design and engeering of their custom Cougar "EV" chasis," stated Josh Henning, Director of Business Development at Roadster Shop. "Roadster Shop prides itself with thinking outside the box, but we are continually blown away at the creativity of our customers! We were presented with some significant design and packaging hurdles and are extremely happy with the way those challenges were met and overcome. With the technology surrounding electrification moving at such a rapid pace, we are excited for the future of hot rodding and all that will benefit from it."

The Work Continues

TUT, unveiled at SEMA 2022 is still very much a work in progress! Follow KTL Restorationson Facebook and Instagramto keep up the the progress of this ground breaking build!

Written by KTL Restorations