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Your Classic Car’s Condition: As Good As Its “Bones.”

Like the human skeleton, the chassis is the framework that supports the weight of the engine/motor and the structure of your car’s body. Like the human body, your classic car’s condition is as good as its chassis. Why? If the chassis is not constructed correctly, skewed, or otherwise damaged, it can impact appearance and operation. Body panels won’t fit correctly and will show gaps. Also, hinged components (doors, hood, trunk) may catch or not close securely. A mechanical function can suffer, too, because the vehicle may not steer as it should or exhibit unexpected tire wear. If you want a custom-built chassis or need chassis repair for your classic transportation, count on KTL Restorations. We’ll ensure that your chassis is in good repair and adequate for your specific application. No matter where you are across the country, we can assist you. We look forward to hearing from you at (434) 685-7353.

Making Chassis Repairs

If you drive a classic, your vehicle rests on a conventional chassis. This chassis is called a ladder, full-frame, body-on-frame, or non-load-carrying design. The body is made separately. Beginning with very few vehicles in 1962 and particularly applied to small modern SUVs or high-end sedans, the monocoque (known as a unibody or non-conventional type) features a chassis and body that are one piece. If the frame becomes bent, it will need straightening to ensure safe and precise operability. If the tubing or related components, such as axles and suspension parts, are compromised, they must be repaired or replaced as appropriate. It may even be advisable to replace the entire chassis in certain situations. The corrections must be standard for safety and your car’s overall health.

Designing and Building a Custom Chassis

Another option for your special car is a custom chassis. Each one is designed and fabricated for its unique application. This allows you to control options such as wheel size, height/stance, engine capacity, and even appearance when portions are left visible. Choices may include traditional square tubing cut and welded or sleek, curvy, eye-catching pipes bent and rolled. If you’re building an automobile for speed/racing, that’s considered in chassis design. The KTL Restorations team can ensure that your chassis is what’s needed and wanted for the remarkable result you envision.