KTL Team Spotlight Joshua Hackworth

KTL Team Spotlight Joshua Hackworth

KTL is very fortunate to have Loyal Employees like Josh.

Josh has been with KTL since 2013. He has grown with our company and has supported us through thick and thin.

Josh is currently our Body Specialist and is meticulous with his work. He had this to say about our projects. “It’s the gratification that comes with building these cars. You never know what’s coming and especially when people say these cars are too far gone or too burned up; they end up becoming car of the year. I love the recognition these cars get that we build with our bare hands.”

Josh is now a husband (wife Kayla, married in May 2018) and father to his daughter Hanna (born April 2019). They are all part of our KTL Family and were so greatful to have them.

Meet Josh and the rest of our KTL team when we travel to more shows in 2021. Keep an eye on our Social Media for updates on future projects and custom builds.

Written by KTL Restorations