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Custom Automotive Painting


When ready for that one-of-a-kind custom paint job for your prized classic car, count on the team at KTL Restorations. We can help regardless of your location in the United States. We’re the best at what we do because we begin at the beginning. What do we mean by that? In a word, beautiful custom painting requires adequate preparation. We start by talking to you to get your vision and desire for your transportation. Then we put the necessary work and care into the preliminary steps. As a classic car owner, you already know that a paint job is never initiated with paint. An imperfect surface can never be made perfect with paint. Instead, we ensure we repair rust spots and dents before application. This can be as simple as a quick dent pull-out or involve something more complex such as a panel or other metal replacement. Regardless of what is needed, we discuss it with you and do it right. You won’t find us taking poorly devised shortcuts, such as sloppily filling giant cavities by slathering on layer after layer of bonding material. Once your car’s surfaces are straight, we sand it, wipe it, prime it, and take any other needed steps to be sure the vehicle is in its best condition to receive the new coat of paint. If this is the kind of care you want to be put into your custom automotive painting, call us at (434) 685-7353.


In addition to properly preparing your car for painting, KTL Restorations uses only high-quality products. For example, our shop uses BASF refinishers and the company’s subsidiary R-M refinishing paints (DIAMONT, ONYX HD, and CARIZZMA). Further, our technicians have the advantage of a full spray booth and all the necessary equipment to ensure flawless application and customization. These products and production areas, combined with an abundance of talent and adequate time, translate into the classic car finish of your dreams.


As you can see, the staff at KTL Restorations takes pride in every detail, every job, every time. Your car will look even more amazing than it did when it rolled out of the showroom all those years ago. Whether you sport a Mercury Cougar (which is almost synonymous with the KTL name) or a vehicle from another manufacturer such as Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Lincoln, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, or Pontiac, we can help you achieve that extra special look your car deserves. Options range from a pretty Sunday driver to a show-stopping floor-ready finish. Even better, you’ll never wonder about progress or place. All work is done here at our facility, and we’ll gladly reach out to you periodically to update you on how your project is progressing. We’re proud of our work. You can be proud of your classic car when you rely on KTL Restorations for custom automotive painting.