Prepare Your Car for New Upholstery | Danville, VA

Prepare Your Car for New Upholstery | Danville, VA

Restoring Your Classic Car? Don’t Forget About the Interior!

How to Save on Costs and Time

Car enthusiasts who want to restore their classic car need to consider the interior of the vehicle as well as the exterior of it. Restoring the interior, including the upholstery, requires a great time investment in time and cost. Don’t let that scare you! There are some things you will want to do in advance to make things go much faster and cost less.

Clear Communication

First you’ll want to make it very clear to whoever will be doing the job where you are starting and where you want to end up. Get pictures of what your car currently looks like and pictures of cars or materials you want to use as examples for where you want your upholstery to end up. This can not only help to speed the process up because the upholstery repair technician will know exactly what to go for and what the limitations are before even seeing your vehicle in person. In other words you can help to prepare them and make their job easier.

Other Methods of Transportation

While in the shop your car will be out of commission until it is finished. This means you’ll need to find out how to maintain your schedule without the convenience of your car. For classic car owners getting repairs like this isn’t as much of an issue because they usually have multiple cars. If this is your only car, you’ll want a reliable alternative method of transportation because an upholstery job can take from an entire day to weeks to perform.

Solve Other Repairs First

The upholstery should be one of the last things done in a classic car repair project, so making sure the engine, wheels, electricity, or any other components are working how you want them to first will save you a lot of trouble and money. If you’re reupholstering a new car, you may want to drive it a few hundred miles first to see how it works. If there are any issues that arise after a reupholstery it could cause complications, and you won’t want to get the job done again because it can be very costly. If a leak stained your old furniture and carpet, then make sure the leak is fixed for sure or you’ll ruin the new upholstery. A New upholstery should make a car feel and smell new so taking care of any odor causes is also important.

Remember, the less time it takes for them to get the job done, the less they’ll charge you for labor. If you are thinking of having your classic car restored, don’t forget to include having interior, including the upholstery, restored as well. Call us at KTL Restorations at 434-201-3511 and we’ll inform you on how we can help you.

Written by KTL Restorations