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Preserving History & Memories – KTL Restorations

You have a vision. You want to see your classic car brought out of its hiding place and back to its former glory. KTL Restorations in Danville, Virginia, is proud to help vehicle owners with passion projects and classic car restoration. We hear the excitement in our client’s voices when they call us about their cars, and we share that same energy. Nothing is more exciting than taking a piece of history back in time to look as good as the day it rolled off of the manufacturer line! But our job is about more than providing expert craftsmanship or the proper repairs. What makes a true restoration shine is the care and appreciation that goes into it. No one understands the history and significance of your car better than our team!

Every single car that comes to our facility has one important thing in common — the memories. Winning on Friday nights at the drag strip and racing to the next intersection as soon as the stoplight turns green. Or maybe your memories are of your first date, taking it for a test drive for the first time, or driving your firstborn home from the hospital. These cars are more than vehicles. They are time capsules of our precious memories. Restorations are born from people and families who want to hold tight to these memories and preserve them for generations to come, and our team couldn’t be more honored to have a role in the history of your classic car!

KTL Restorations in Danville, Virginia, has worked on classic cars from across the country for over 21 years. Our clients ship them to our facility for the highest quality service available in our industry. Don’t believe us? Check out our record-breaking work featured in Barrett Jackson auctions, or the award-winning “Lethal Cat,” the 2019 Muscle Car of the Year. That will show you exactly how high the level of work is that we produce. Once a car arrives in our shop, our team puts in endless hours of work until it is perfect and ready for the showroom floor.


The KTL Restorations family understands how important your classic car is to you because we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve spent months and years tracking down the perfect vehicle, and even longer pouring the best craftsmanship into it to make it look as good as new. Our founder, Tom Lawrance, always had a passion for classic Mercury Cougars. Working from his 2-car garage in Long Island, he pursued his dream of rebuilding these fine automobiles for the world to enjoy. His son, Kurtis (Kurt) Lawrance learned at the elbow of his father in the garage and sought out everything he could learn about cars. Together, they expanded their skills from sheet metal and electrical work to frame repair, painting, and more. Before long, they found themselves standing on the Barrett Jackson stage with their record-breaking Mercury Cougar Eliminator. It was then that KTL was dubbed “The Cougar Specialist,” a name that has stuck ever since.

After battling pancreatic cancer, Tom passed in 2014. Kurt decided to keep his memory, passion, and dream alive, and he and his wife, Crystal, began rebranding and rebuilding KTL Restorations in Southern Virginia. After years of dedication to our vision and customers, we are proud to be a nationally recognized facility for premier auto restoration and classic car repairs. And while we still specialize in Cougars, we are happy to work on vehicles from Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Lincoln, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, and Pontiac as well.


Keep exploring to learn more about the KTL team and what we do. Be sure to explore our site for more information and browse our gallery to see some of our work. You can also find our work in publications like Legendary Cougar Magazine, Modified Mustangs & Fords, At the Sign of the Cat, Good Guys Rod and Custom, and Hemmings Muscle Machines. One of our proudest accomplishments is the 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator, dubbed “Lethal Cat” and the 2019 Muscle Car of the Year. You can always read the words of our satisfied customers online or engage with us on social media. We would love to hear from you and have you join the KTL Community!