Spec Chassis for Mercury Cougar | Danville, VA

Spec Chassis for Mercury Cougar | Danville, VA

You Asked for it and We Listened!

The Solution is Here!

For years owners of first generation Mercury Cougars have been asking for one thing, and it’s finally here! The new Mercury Cougar spec chassis is now available for the 1969-70 unibody, and KTL Restorations in Danville, Virginia could not be more excited to unveil it to you!

This chassis allows drivers to have enjoy the drivability and comfort of modern vehicles in their classic Cougar! All thanks to a collaboration between Roadster Shop, the #1 chassis manufacturer in the United States, and KTL Restorations, the top restoration and customization shop for Cougars! What combo could be better?

From Roadster Shop

“Until now, there has never been a complete solution. Roadster Shop saw the need for a complete, simple, single platform in a sea of aftermarket parts and pieces. With many obstacles to overcome, a complete chassis was designed with the bolt-in ease of installation. The channeled front frame rail design and bolt on upper suspension mounts are engineered to fit up to the existing factory sub-rails and inner structure and bolt in place. Simply cutting off the flanges on the factory inner and outer sub rails and welding of the seam is all that is required to create the flat surface for the IFS to mount over. The factory shock towers can be retained or removed at the builder’s discretion. The factory floor requires no modifications as the chassis bolts in place through six additional bolt in body mounts utilizing stock mounting locations already within the body, and two additional body mounts that simply require drilling holes to mount.”

KTL Restorations – The Cougar Specialists

If you are thinking about restoring or customizing a Mercury Cougar for an upcoming project, look no further than KTL Restorations as they have the expertise to help with any phase of your project, including the acquisition of one of these new, state-of-the-art spec chassis! Learn more about this new chasis by contacting the KTL team at info@ktlrestorations.com or complete the form below.

Written by KTL Restorations