KTL Pinnacle

1948 Ford F-1

KTL Restorations Inc, located in Danville Virginia, is a nationally recognized Ford and Mercury restoration facility, that specializes in 1967-73 Mercury Cougars. For the 2019, featured SEMA build, we are stepping outside of our Muscle Car, comfort zone, and showing a different side of our talents. As we turn the corner to a new perspective, we bring you “Pinnacle”, a 1948 F1 Vintage, Glasurit, Paint Delivery Truck.

The bed, designed by KTL’s Kurtis Lawrance, needed a special partner to make his vision a reality, and Patrick with PAC Custom, also manager of Black Dog Salvage will do just that. The wood has been excavated from a 200-year old plantation on the James River, and will be crafted by Patrick and his specialists in Martinsville, Virginia. The bed will be transported to his facility later this year, to craft the wood, build the bed sides, and seamlessly fit the stainless American flag to the bed floor. Between the master skills of Kurtis and Patrick, the bed is going to be quite a showpiece and a must see.

The word “Pinnacle” means the most successful point; the culmination. We chose this name, because not only does it ring true to our professional lives, but our personal lives as well. Although KTL has been around almost 20 years, KTL, Inc, as we know it today, was born in 2016, when Kurtis Lawrance, and then girlfriend, now wife, Crystal, took over the business. The F1 is a family owned vehicle, and in 2017 was the centerpiece of our first photographs as a blended family. Again in 2019, she will become the centerpiece of our business, as she represents a turning point, and the next “Pinnacle” point of our company and our lives as we step beyond the Muscle Car realm into custom RestoMods. Don’t worry, the Cougars Specialists isn’t going anywhere and will always hold steadfast to our roots.

KTL has officially joined Spanesi Corporate, who is celebrating their 50th year in the auto collision industry. Pinnacle will be unveiled in the Spanesi booth at SEMA, located in North Hall, booth #10639. Official media announcement will be made early August 2019.

All sponsors and partners will have logo engraved on back glass (where KTL logo is shown in renderings) and will be highly promoted though the KTL / SEMA / BASF campaign.

Multiple media outlets to be used include social media, print media, and signage. KTL is currently averaging over 10,000 organic reach per week through Facebook enthusiasts. Giveaways and promotions will also draw to our partners and sponsors.

The vehicle will be on tour for approximately 2 years after completion and all partners and sponsors will be advertised throughout the public showing of the vehicle. SEMA literature will include partner and sponsor names and contributions.


Three volleys fired in salute at a military funeral.


Three words: duty, honor, country.


Three points formed from the folded flag that draped the casket of a fallen service member.

Three is a significant number to the military, and to us at KTL. In this bed, three of the blanks fired during the funeral of our founder Tom are placed in the stars of the field. They are arranged in a triangle, symbolizing the flag presented to us after Tom’s salute. This bed and truck are our first family build, so we felt it appropriate we honor Tom’s legacy, along with those whom have served. All gave some, some gave all.


This was our first day with the project and we were excited to begin this complete restoration.


We began our initial deconstruction of this 1948 Ford F-1.


This was the rendering of Pinnacle and our vision for the finished Restoration.


Out with the old and in the with new.


Kurt and Crystal with the completed Pinnacle 1948 Ford F-1.


We would like to thank BASF, Glasurit, and all of our partners for making this project come together.


This 1948 Ford F-1 is one in a million and it carries a profound message. We are excited to show this truck across the county.