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1969 Dodge Dart Swinger

Built From the Dreams and Vision of Bill Stanfield

In Loving Memory

Every car that comes to us has one thing in common…memories. It might be the car that won on Friday night at the drag strip. It may have been the one that beat your buddy off the line at the red light after the big game. What if it was the car you took your first date in, taught your loving wife how to drive in, or drove your first born home from the hospital. They are more than cars, they are time capsules of our precious memories.

Each restoration starts with one person who holds tight to preserving those memories. Preserving a piece of history and hoping that generations proceeding them will continue to fill the time capsule.

On Saturday, October 12th 2019, the KTL family gained another angel. It was Bill’s vision to see his 1969 Dodge Dart, a vehicle he and his wife Laura, have owned since bought new from Blackwell Motor Company in Danville, Virginia. We, at KTL, are so thankful that he was able to hold the renderings and see what his dreams would soon be. We are so blessed that he was able to share every detail of his vision with us and we are able to carry on fulfilling his wishes. We are grateful to have been able to hear the excitement in his voice and to listen to his stories. Bill was with us every step of the way, and we made sure to save the passenger seat just for him on the first test drive. We are honored to have played a part in the continuation of filling your time capsule full of memories.

Thank you Bill for trusting us to finish your vision. ~ We promise we won’t let you down ~ Scouts honor!