Restoring this 1 of 1 1967 Mercury Cougar | Danville, VA

Restoring this 1 of 1 1967 Mercury Cougar | Danville, VA

1967 Polar White Standard Mercury Cougar

Marti Report 1 of 1, 1967 Polar White, Standard, Mercury Cougar to debut in Kissimmee Florida in January.

One of the two cars, make that cats, to be on the MECUM auction blocks in January 2018 courtesy of KTL Restorations includes this 1967 big block, automatic C6 Select-Shift Merc-O-Matic, with the non-vinyl top. Of note, is the fact that this is a standard non GT and non XR-7 version. The 6.5 Liter fender emblem proudly announces the original S code 390 4V under the hood. Adding to the rarity is the M Polar White paint exterior matted with Parchment Knitted Bucket Seats with the Black Trim interior. The original AM/8 Track Stereo Radio, still in the car, has been updated to FM with iPod connect the cable, but you wouldn’t know that just looking at it.

The history of this classic Mercury Cougar is well known. Last sold by a seller who acquired this Cougar from an AZ dealer (Parker Motor Co) where the car was recently taken in trade, the AZ dealership was also the original dealer from 1967! Don Rush, West Coast Classic Cougar (WCCC), referred the current owner to KTL. After being put up on jack stands, the dry clean body was realized. Initially, the rebuild’s intent was to get the car mechanically to daily drivers with good visuals. KTL knew the significance and the rarity of this Cougar (including the 1 of 1 Marti report).

Typical to many restoration efforts, more and more things were returned to original status and the project ended up as a Concours effort (over 1,000 hours) in 2010 and 2011. Now meticulously restored and detailed by KTL, this cat awaits your consideration to stretch its renewed nine lives.

Story by: Rob May

Written by KTL Restorations