Record Breaking Cougar Sold at Barrett-Jackson Auction | Danville, VA

Record Breaking Cougar Sold at Barrett-Jackson Auction | Danville, VA

KTL Restorations at Barrett Jackson 2013

In January of 2013, Tom and Kurt Lawrance set out to Arizona to fulfill a dream. KTL Restorations at Barrett Jackson? Could they turn heads with a Mercury Cougar? With a 1970 Cougar Eliminator in tow, and a rare on at that, they made the trip from Virginia to Arizona with a feeling they had chosen the right one.

Taken from Barrett Jackson web description ~ Author Unknown

"This rare and matching numbers 1970 Cougar Eliminator with a 428 SCJ Drag Pack has undergone a five year photo documented concours restoration the Cougar Specialist KTL Restorations. During the 1970 run, 2,267 Cougars were produced with the Eliminator package. 127 of those Cougars left the factory with the 428 SCJ Drag Pack option. This car is one of five remaining with the rarer C6 automatic, as well as the 3.91 V Code modular rear registered with David Wyras, the Eliminator registrar for the Cougar Club. Perhaps even more rare, it’s one of the status documented by the Elite Marti Report, this car retains it’s original born-with driveline with matching photo documented VINs on the block and transmission. Unique Drag Pack and Eliminator features include speedo gear reducer, external oil cooler, external power steering cooler, manual choke, performance handling package, Ram Air induction with original factory cut hood and of course the reinforced SCJ reciprocating system with LeMans rods to withstand the rigors of higher RPM drag racing. With ultra-low production numbers, the 1970 428 SCJ Drag Pack Eliminator occupies a rare and unique place among the elite Ford muscle car produced during the golden age of horsepower and torque”

Their gut was right on this one, and it put KTL on the map. The 1970 Eliminator sold at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale Arizona for hammer down $154,000 ~ January 2013. Also, the auction is where the nickname “The Cougar Specialist” was born.

You can watch the action filmed by our dear friends at West Coast Classic Cougars.

Written by KTL Restorations