Your Restoration Partner | Danville, VA

Your Restoration Partner | Danville, VA

Polar White 1967 Mercury Cougar

Check Out This 1967 Mercury Cougar

22 years ago this 1967 Mercury Cougar car was purchased, and today it is ready to leave KTL Restorations in Danville, Virginia, and travel to our clients home, so that he and his grandson can assemble it together. The Polar White Cougar will one day belong to his grandson and they are ready to get it back to the garage and tackle it as a team.

We love a story like this! Family members working together on cars that become literal vehicles for lifelong memories. Sometimes, you can’t replace the value of do-it-yourself projects at home, especially the bonding experience they create with grandparents, parents, and children. That’s why we were so happy to hand off this project for its next steps to the owner and his grandson! We cannot wait to follow their project and plan on heading down to see them next year and spend the weekend in the garage with them turning wrenches and making memories.

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Written by KTL Restorations