Please join us in congratulating our son Johnathan!

Many of you have watched our oldest son, Johnathan, grow up. You have seen him on the show field from a toddler to a teen. You have watched him become a full-time KTL welder as his grandfather Tom taught him years ago. In just one short month, he will be 21 years old, and for the first time in his life, he will not spend his birthday at the All Ford Nationals @ Carlisle in Pennsylvania!

This year he will spend his birthday much differently than you picture most 21-year-old celebrations. He will become a Navy soldier. Making us proud Navy parents!!!

Tomorrow we take him to Charlotte and on Wednesday he will be on his way to Chicago. Bootcamp is set up a little differently these days do to the pandemic. He will spend 2 weeks in quarantine, then when all is clear, he will begin boot camp. Please keep him and us in your thoughts and well wishes. It is going to be tough to watch him go, but we know he is coming back an even better man.

~ Johnathan Thomas Lawrance ~ US Navy Recruit 2020

Written by KTL Restorations