Behind the Scenes: 1967 Cougar Restoration | Danville, VA

Behind the Scenes: 1967 Cougar Restoration | Danville, VA

1967 XR-7 Mercury Cougar Brought Back From the Brink

From Dusty Barn to Pride and Place

We’ve heard the story a million times right?

Dad had a cool car and, at some point, life happened and the cool car was put in ever-lasting park. Then, on some unknown weekend, it ended up in the barn. This story can end two ways and we like this ending the best.

This is the one where we get the call from the son to save her. “Bring her back to her glory days” was written in the first correspondence from JW. The memories are precious, and the car is part of him…it’s part of his dad…it’s part of his family.

Today the beautiful, 1967 XR-7 Mercury Cougar, is ready to hit the road. Her 53rd birthday was on January 31st, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate another year that back with her family. The Inverness Green paint has been buffed and polished, (repainted once many years ago), her interior detailed, fresh carpet and new saddle leather seat covers installed. Under the hood she’s sporting a newly-rebuilt 289 2V V8 engine.

Other work performed includes power disk brake conversion, rebuilt power steering (original power steering option), new exhaust, new sequential turn signal box, full electrical and mechanical inspection.

We can’t wait to see JW enjoy this car once again with his dad. ~ Thank for letting us bring her back to life!

When you are ready to get your ride back on the road, be sure to look up KTL Restorations in Danville, Virginia. We will be right here rebuilding one memory at a time!

Additional History

The original owner purchased it at Lee Ford, in Lafollette, Tennessee. JW’s father is the second owner, purchased in 1989. It was built on 31 January 1967. Order codes show the following for the car ; Inverness Green Paint, Saddle Leather interior, C4 Auto Transmission, Center Console, Power steering, 289 2V V8 engine, XR7 package and styled Steel wheels and AM radio. It is 1 of 5,964 with this paint code, 1 of 3,516 with this paint and trim code, 1 of 13,040 with Engine/Transmission code, 1 of 22, 912 with center Console.

Written by KTL Restorations