Making a Classic Car Safer | Danville, VA

Making a Classic Car Safer | Danville, VA

KTL is not just about the fancy and rare. We are also about the joy rides and the family fun-day Sunday…but safety first! These two beauties came to visit KTL, so that the drivers that own them, can be more at ease when they take their families out for weekend strolls.

After 50 years (or darn close to it), you might notice the car is flexing toward the center. This is a sign that your convertible could have extensive rot in the inner rocker rails. You might notice that your doors do not shut correctly, or seem “out of line”. The convertible top may no longer shut properly. Structural repairs are probably needed if you are experiencing any of these concerns.

Listed below are driver repairs completed for both vehicles shown:

1970 Mercury Cougar Standard Convertible

  • Engine rebuild (351C-2V)
  • Complete drive train rebuild
  • Complete suspension & brake overhaul
  • Driver side inner rocker rail
  • Full floor pans
  • Driver side torque box

1972 Mercury Cougar Standard Convertible

  • Driver & Passenger inner rocker rails
  • Front chassis rail
  • Lower seat pans
  • Toeboard
  • Torque boxes (driver & passenger)
  • Rear wheel tub patches
  • Front to rear fuel lines
  • Front to rear brake lines

These convertibles are ready to cruise the road ~ Just in time for summer!!!!

Making Your Classic Ride Safer

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Crystal Lawrance
KTL Restorations, Inc.

Written by KTL Restorations